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One of my favorite oracles – Ralph Blum’s “Book of Runes” – has a tile (Dagaz-Breakthrough) which beautifully describes one of the major themes of my life as an “empty-handed leap into the void.”

When you take that kind of leap, you jump into the unknown without a safety net, heading out into your future without a plan, job, place to live, or other props, surrendering yourself to the forces that are moving through your life. Empty handed leaps are accompanied by chaos and uncertainty, and they require that you stay in the moment, and center yourself like a martial artist, ready to move in any direction in an instant.

I do this often in at least one part of my life – job, relationship, location, even my name – and I find it both terrifying and refreshing. My timing is dictated entirely by intuition, usually in response to increasingly intense inner pressure to head toward something new, to create room to learn and grow. It certainly keeps me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually fit, and I’m never bored for long!

The title of this blog is typical of my youngest sister Anne’s inimitable and ego-busting version of anything I’d prefer to take seriously, and, like most of the times she comes after me with a pin ready to deflate my ego balloon, it makes me laugh while also wanting to swat her.

This blog begins with a journal of the biggest empty headed leap I’ve ever taken, a move from northern California to New England, for no other reason than that I’ve never been there, it looks beautiful in photographs, and it promises to be very supportive astrologically. Oh, and it’s closer to several of the universities where my daughter wants to pursue her Ph.D.

There probably won’t be any more posts this week, because it’s getting harder and harder to find my computer under the boxes, bubble wrap and anxious critters.


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